The mindset hack that could make all the difference for your business

Have you ever had to write the business equivalent of a “Dear John” letter?

I definitely have.

In my first year of business I went through a rough patch where I wasn’t getting enough people in the door of my gym. I got an email from a guy who offered to help me with my sales process, and it could not have been better timing.

He promised me that he could get me me a certain amount of clients each month, and I thought this was manna from heaven, the magic bullet solution to all my problems.

So I wrote him a large check with money I didn’t really have… and then I spent the next month doing nothing but arguing with him about how I should run my business.

What he wanted me to do made me feel slimy, and the more I pushed back, the more he tried to poke at my fears and insecurities to manipulate me into doing what he wanted.

So just like any break-up, even a professional one, it was messy and ugly.

I was reflecting back on this experience a few weeks ago as I was preparing for today’s episode.

What should I have done differently?

I spent some time after this professional relationship ended feeling bitter and resentful towards this guy. But with the distance of time I’ve realized that he wasn’t really at fault.

At the end of the day, I was responsible for making that decision to hire him & for not listening to my gut telling me that it wasn’t a good fit.

And the more I reflect on this, the more I realize that I can trace every bad business decision I’ve ever made back to one thing: desperation.

Any time I start feeling like I’m falling behind or that I don’t have enough resources: enough time, enough clients, enough revenue, it inevitably clouds my judgment & I make short-sighted, foolish decisions.

Every. single. time.

If you run a business, it’s inevitable that you’re going to go through moments, phases, or seasons where you feel like there’s a gap between where you are and where you need to be.

But how you respond in those situations will make or break your business.

At the end of today’s show, I’m going to share a brief tip of how I’m actively working to train my brain to respond differently to stress & anxiety, but before that, I have a special treat for y’all.

My good friend Suzie Vinograd is back on the show! Hopefully you remember her from our last show: How to balance giving customers what they want vs. what they need. If not, you should definitely go back and listen. You can tune in here.

Suzie is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga instructor, and fitness coach.

We were having coffee recently and we were talking all about mindset & the impact that certain core beliefs about ourselves or the world can impact the health of our bodies and our businesses. And I was so impressed with Suzie’s perspective and wisdom that I had to have her on the show to talk about this.

Today Suzie & I discuss:

  • The difference between a scarcity and an abundance mindset,

  • How that mindset effects your physical health, the health of your business, and the health of your community,

  • And how to make sure that fear & desperation doesn’t lead you to make business decisions you’ll eventually regret.

Here are the highlights of today’s show:

  • [4:34] Suzie defines a scarcity vs. an abundance mindset and how that relates to nutrition & also to entrepreneurship

  • [7:38] Suzie explains how a scarcity mindset can negatively impact a business community

  • [9:00] Suzie talks about the necessity of defining your ideal client and how carving out a niche can help you rise above competition within an industry

  • [12:05] We discuss why focusing on certain numbers as an external marker of success for your business can distract you from what truly matters

  • [15:30] Suzie shares advice for anyone who is going through a phase of scarcity or desperation thinking with their business

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