The Secret Sauce Podcast: How to keep your business on mission this year

Does your business have a mission that’s bigger than making money or even doing the work that you love?

Is there some evil in the world that you don’t think anyone should have to face?

Maybe you don’t think that people should have to live with chronic back pain, feel insecure about the way they look, or drink bad coffee.

Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, it’s essential that you remind not only yourself of that mission, but are able to communicate that mission to your employees and your customers.

My podcast guest today is so committed to keeping her business on mission, that it’s even reflected in its name: Missio.

Lorin VanZandt and her husband Kyle, owners of Missio have created a hair product business with a purpose: to restore hope and fight human trafficking.

In today’s show Lorin & I discuss:

  1. How she was able to see a need in the world and build a business around that mission

  2. The process that she and her husband went through to clarify their messaging

  3. And how to unite your staff and customers around a common cause

Highlights of today’s show:

  • [02:00] The story behind Missio and how it began

  • [05:47] Lorin talks about their mission and how it hasn’t changed since they founded the business

  • [07:47] Lorin tells us the one thing they have changed about their brand message in the past few yers and why

  • [07:55] Why your business can’t just be finding against something but it has to be for something as well

  • [10:45] Lorin tells us how she and her team use stories to stay on mission

  • [12:35] Lorin emphasizes the importance of 100% of her staff remaining client facing

  • [13:20] She tells about how her team prioritizes sitting around a table and reading client stories

  • [13:30] Lorin talks about how they use both qualitative and quantitative data to measure Missio’s impact and success

  • [15:20] How Lorin & her husband create boundaries so that their business & mission doesn’t become all-consuming

  • [19:35] Lorin’s advice for anyone wanting to start their own social enterprise

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