Launching something new in 2020? Listen to this.

Have you ever noticed that a task gets harder to accomplish the more free time you have to accomplish it?

This is one of those weird quirks of being human that shows just how irrational we can be.

There’s even a term for it, Parkinson’s Law and it states: “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."

I definitely experienced Parkinson’s Law the week of Thanksgiving.

I ended up having an entirely blank calendar since so many of my clients were on vacation.

I was pumped to spend the whole week working on my own business and getting ahead on content creation.

But what did I end up doing?

Well aside from catching up on Watchmen on HBO and finishing a 1,390 piece puzzle... absolutely nothing.

That’s because even though I don’t consider myself to be a procrastinator, without any sense of urgency, it’s way too easy say: “I can do that later.”

And that brings us to the power of deadlines: they force us to take action one way or another.

Today I have my friend Leslie Laws back on the show. As a social media strategist, online business manager, and a recovering perfectionist, Leslie knows the power of creating deadlines and urgency for yourself and for your clients.

And the best way to do this is with a structured, well-executed live launch.

I know there’s a good chance with 2020 fast approaching, you’re looking to launch a new business or new product or service in the new year.

And if so, today’s episode is for you!

Today Leslie & I discuss:

  • The difference between an evergreen sales funnel and a live launch,

  • How to decide what kind of launch is best for your business,

  • And how to create an authentic sense of urgency to encourage your ideal customer to take action.

Here are the highlights of today’s show:

  • [03:00] The benefit of a structured launch vs. just releasing something out into the world

  • [04:33] The difference between a live launch and an evergreen funnel & why someone would want to choose one over the other

  • [07:05] The different components of a successful launch

  • [09:30] Strategies to continue to provide value and free content even in the midst of a launch

  • [12:27] Some general rules of thumb for deciding how long your cart should stay open during a launch

  • [14:54] Why urgency is so important with a successful launch & strategies you can use to create urgency in an authentic way

  • [16:36] What if we pour months worth of effort into a launch… and then no one buys. What do we do?

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