How to sell to friends without being "that person"

Have you ever had a conversation like this on social media?

A friend you haven’t heard from in a decade messages you: “Hey! How are you doing”

You reply: “Hey!! Oh my gosh! It’s so good to hear from you! How are you doing? What have you been up to?”

She replies: “I’m doing well! Actually I just started selling skin care products and I wanted to see if you’re interested…”


It can cloud your vision of humanity a bit to be in the receiving end of conversations like these. You think your friend is reaching out to genuinely connect, but turns out she’s just dredging the depths of her friends list to try to up her sales quota.

And honestly I’m not one to judge. I’ve made plenty of “party fouls” when it comes to sales over the course of my entrepreneurial journey.

But because of these mistakes and my fear of jeopardizing relationships, I’ve found myself swinging to the opposite extreme when doing business with friends: slashing my prices and stammering through sales calls.

Odds are if you own a small business, at some point you’re going to have to sell to your friends.

People need to know like and trust you to do business with you, and who knows, likes and trusts you more than your friends?

Or at least hopefully they do…

To help us address this problem so common to women in particular, I turned to sales expert Renee Hribar.

Renee has been a sales professional since 1994. She has sold millions of dollars in products and services and trained thousands to sell for the first time. She specializes in helping women stop hating sales.

Today Renee and I discuss:

  • Why “traditional” sales tactics don’t work for women

  • How to gracefully stop friends from “picking your brain”

  • And whether or not you should change your tactics when selling to a close friend

Here are the highlights of today’s show:

  • [03:30] Why Renee is passionate about giving women more options through sales training

  • [05:20] The most common mistake Renee sees women make with sales[06:10] Why women struggle to sell to their friends

  • [06:58] Why “traditional” sales tactics are better suited for men and their neurological make-up than women

  • [07:10] Renee’s sales philosophy & why it’s such a great fit for how women are wired

  • [08:42] What if a family or friend tries to “pick your brain” to get free resources from you without buying? What should you do?

  • [11:45] The power of scheduling a quick 15-minute phone call

  • [13:00] Why we should change our mindset to view ourselves as “professionals”

  • [14:35] Why you should always have the next phone call scheduled before you get off the phone

  • [15:42] Whether or not your sales scripts should change when you’re on the phone with a friend

  • [15:58] Why sales scripts are like training wheels

  • [16:42] How to use a customized “authority statement” to pre-frame where your questions are coming from on a sales call

  • [18:00] Renee walks us through a example sales call that she might have with a close friend

  • [22:10] Why you shouldn’t assume that people have done their research about you before you hop on the phone

  • [12:55] How to gently take the reigns of a sales call when your friend wants to chit chat

  • [25:55] Why having the right mindset is so important with sales

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