How to create sustainable patterns of work and rest (& why mental health struggles can be a gift)

Have you ever felt like you’re running on empty? Just physically, emotionally, and mentally drained?

Maybe you’ve felt this way at the end of a hard day, during that 2 or 3 o’clock slump or maybe you’ve felt this way for months.

If you’re someone who finds their value solely in what they can contribute, ESPECIALLY when you own your own business, you can really only have one of two reactions when you’re physically, mentally, or emotionally incapable of getting work done:

(1.) You can give up. You can acknowledge that you don’t have what it takes to do big things & to have other people rely on you


(2.) You can view it as a gift. While other people run at 100mph straight into total burnout, you have the gift of an excuse to slow down, create margins, and establish more sustainable patterns of work and rest.

And being forced to slow down means that you can’t rely on your own strength to get the work done.

Depending on your beliefs maybe you turn to God or you outsource your work to employees or contractors, but no matter what, its a giftto be forced to loosen the vice grip of control you have on your business & separate your ego from the outcome.

And trust me, it has taken A LOT of anger and tears for this control freak to be able to say that.

And one of the biggest blessings in my life the past couple of years, and one of the reasons why I’ve gotten to the point where I can view my struggles with depression as a gift, is my friendship with today’s guest.

You may remember Alyson Rorem as one of my first guests on the show back in Season 1. If you haven’t heard our show called: “How to view yourself with grace,” you can go back and tune in HERE.

Today Alyson and I discuss:

(1.) How being bipolar has impacted the way Alyson runs her business

(2.) How she makes the most of her high energy days so she can create margins for rest

(3.) & 3 practical automation strategies that YOU can use to create sustainable patterns of work and renewal.

Here are the highlights of today’s show:

  • [4:35] Alyson shares what it’s like to run a business while being bipolar

  • [5:32] Why Alyson has come to view being bipolar as a blessing not a curse

  • [6:51] Alyson shares the practical strategies she uses to take advantage of her high energy days so she can rest when needed

  • [8:33] Alyson walks us through her daily calendar and how she batches her time and creates awareness around when she’s most productive

  • [9:51] We talk about useful apps for increasing productivity and scheduling social media content ahead of time

  • [12:20] We talk about what we’ve learned from periods of life and work when we’ve been forced to rest.

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