How to be the "face" of your business (without feeling phony)

When I told my sister that I was re-branding my business to be a more personal brand with my name as the name of the business, her response was:

“Isn’t that a little conceited? It’s not like you’re Oprah”

….Nothing like siblings to bring us down a notch, right?

That comment rattled around in my head for weeks because it fed into a narrative that I have, that I’m sure you can relate to: If I make myself the “face” of my business & I call the business Ashley Vogler, there’s no where to hide.

And will people call me out for being the “phony” or “imposter” that I so often feel that I am?

Well fortunately my own marketing and business coach, Mallory Schlabach is on the show to talk some sense into me. I’m a member of Mallory’s Mastermind, where she does one-on-one coaching for a group of women all dedicated to doing big things with their businesses.

I could not recommend Mallory highly enough for anyone who wants to take their marketing to the next level and grow their local business.

Today Mallory & I talk about…

  • How you can increase your revenue and grow your business by infusing your own unique personality into your brand…

  • We address 3 common objections to becoming the face of your business…

  • & Mallory ends with 3 uber practical action steps for how you can make your brand more personal and engaging!

Here are the highlights of today’s show:

  • [4:02] Mallory lays out all the benefits of infusing your own personality into your marketing

  • [6:19] Mallory tells us how we can overcome our fear of “putting ourselves out there” and being a little bit vulnerable with our online presence

  • [8:05] Mallory gives some tips for how to “show up” on social media as an introvert

  • [10:35] Mallory answers the question: What if I know I eventually want to step back from day-to-day management of my business? Should I start to distance myself now from being the “face” of my brand?

  • [13:10] Mallory gives us clear action steps for how to get started infusing our own personalities into our brand

P.S. If you want to access bonus video for today’s show, where Mallory and I dive into the how’s and the why’s of using live video to create trust and boost engagement with your audience, head to my Facebook group: The Secret Sauce Podcast Community, or Mallory’s group: The #GirlBoss Club for exclusive access to the video!

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