How to avoid social media FOMO & determine which platform is best for YOUR business

I don’t know about you, but especially when I first started my business, I felt the pressure to be EVERYWHERE on social media.

Especially when I saw friends & competitors who had grown huge followings on multiple platforms and had booming business because of it.

So I created a twitter account, Instagram account, Facebook account, LinkedIn account, I basically tried to be everywhere all at once, right out of the gate… while also trying to grow and run a local business.

Spoiler alert: this did not go well. I found that the more I stretched myself thin, the less depth of engagement I got & the less those online relationships turned in to real, paying clients.

Plus I was just massively overwhelmed and overextended from constantly checking each platform. It was taking valuable time away from the most impactful work within my business & time away from my family.

At the time of this recording, I’m focusing 90% of my efforts on just 2 platforms: Facebook & LinkedIn. I’ve done my research and found that that’s where the majority of my ideal clients hang out, so that’s where I need to focus my attention.

Eventually I want to spend more time on Pinterest and Instagram, but only when I know I have the bandwidth to do so.

But this is going to look different for everyone!

If you feel overwhelmed by all the platforms out there, you don’t know which form social media is best for your business, or you’re looking to branch out onto a different platform, today’s show is for you!

My guest today is Leslie Laws. Leslie is the owner of Just Sayin’ Social, an online business management agency that helps business owners direct and manage their systems by providing social media management, team management, product launch management and metric management. 

Today she’s here to help us figure out where to focus our efforts on social media when we’re first starting out & how to determine the ONE social media platform that is going to make the most impact on growing our business.

Here are the highlights of today’s show:

  • [3:35] The advice Leslie gives to clients who feel like they have to be everywhere on social media all at once

  • [4:35] Why Facebook is still the most powerful social media platform right now

  • [5:16] How to figure out where your ideal client “lives” on social media and to choose your platforms strategically

  • [8:35] How to balance your own social media preferences with the need to be active on the platforms where your ideal customers are active

  • [11:45] The qualities to look for in a social media management agency to make sure you don’t get scammed!

P.S. For this week’s exclusive bonus content for listeners, Leslie and I talk about all the important changes that are coming up with the instagram and facebook algorithms, so if you’re on either of those platforms, click the links to join my private facebook group, The Secret Sauce Podcast Community, or Leslie’s group, Socially Sayin,’ to access that video!

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