Client spotlight: How Rachel made $24k in one 4-day promo

Would you believe me if I told you that one of my rockstar clients generated well over 20k in just one 4-day black Friday promotion?

Would you believe me if I told you she did it selling handmade jewelry?

How about with a brand new baby?

Well, I’m here to tell you that Rachel Calhoun did just that. She leveraged the strengths of her team, drew up a detailed marketing plan, and used her genuine excitement about her offer to attract an unprecedented amount of sales.

What I love most about her story is her clarity she and her team have about who is their ideal customer and how that impacts every decision she and her team make with their marketing.

If you want to learn all the pieces that go into creating a successful live launch, this episode is for you!

In today’s show Rachel & I discuss:

All the pieces that went into her massive Black Friday promotion How the mindset that Rachel and her team had going into the launch made all the difference,And how she and I worked together to write a fun and wildly successful email sequence

Highlights of today’s show:

  • [02:35] Rachel talks about how far ahead she & her team started planning the promotion

  • [04:40] Rachel discusses her small team and how she delegates tasks

  • [05:20] We talk about the difficulties of forecasting how successful a launch is going to be & how to set goals

  • [06:30] We chat about Rachel’s process of refining/defining her ideal customer avatar and the impact that had on last year’s promotion

  • [09:25] Rachel lays out her instagram strategy for the promotion

  • [09:40] Rachel talks about the importance of genuine enthusiasm and how powerful and contagious that can be

  • [11:00] Rachel tells us what she and her team learned from 2018’s promotion and how they made changes for 2019

  • [12:30] We chat about the email marketing strategy that Rachel and I collaborated on.

  • [16:38] Rachel tells us about the replies and responses she got from people feeling like her emails were written just to them.

  • [17:50] I talk about how the years of groundwork that Rachel established with her business made my copywriting job infinitely easier.

  • [18:50] Rachel talks about how she was able to leverage the strengths of her team to stay on track and organized.

  • [19:25] Rachel gives some tips for entrepreneurs who aren’t naturally organized.

  • [20:00] Rachel walks us through her team’s process of mapping out the promotion and production on paper calendars.

  • [22:40] Rachel tells us the numbers for how outrageously successful the promotion ended up being.

  • [24:20] Rachel tells us how she and her team were able to automate the promotion so they could take time off for the holidays and be present with family.

  • [26:50] Rachel tells us what’s on the horizon for Windblown in 2020

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