5 strategies for newbie instagrammers to create consistent, quality content

Content marketing is something that almost every small business owner knows they should do… but relatively few actually do well or consistently.

The reason for this is that creating consistent, quality content can be really friggin’ difficult!

As soon as you commit to putting out weekly content, you’re hopping on this never-ending treadmill of creative output. This can be really scary, especially if you’re a perfectionist or you’re already overwhelmed by all the other tasks that are involved in running a business.

But creating consistent, quality content doesn’t have to be quite so intimidating.

There are so many tricks and strategies that can help you to save time and energy, particularly with social media.

Today’s guest, Marybeth Wells, is here to share 5 practical strategies for newbie instagrammers to create consistent quality, content.

You may remember today’s guest from our last episode together: 3 tips for creating double-tap-worthy instagram content.

If you tuned in last time you’ll know that I very openly confessed that my Instagram game was very weak. That was a strategic move for me at the time since I knew that instagram wasn’t a huge profit-driver for my business.

I will give you an update and say that my Instagram game… hasn’t improved… but I do plan to make that more of a priority in 2020, and I’ll definitely be using each and every tip that Marybeth provides in today’s episode.

Today Marybeth & I discuss:

  • How to develop a big picture strategy for not just what you post but why and when

  • How to avoid feeling like you’re continuously “feeding the beast” with a regular content creation strategy

  • & how to never again be franticly trying to generate content the day you’re supposed to post

Here are the highlights of today’s show:

  • [4:52] What the process looks like to batch-create A LOT of instagram content ahead of time

  • [6:20] 2 apps Marybeth recommends for laying out your grid and scheduling content to post

  • [7:37] How to balance the right time to post for your audience and the right time to post for YOU

  • [10:58] How Marybeth uses block scheduling and batching to use her time efficiently

  • [14:30] A mistake that I made early on with my content creation strategy

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