3 tips for creating double-tap-worthy IG content (& balancing “aesthetics” with “authenticity)

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with Instagram.

While I love how visual and artistic of a platform it can be, it brings to the surface a lot of my own insecurities.

Since I don’t have the budget to have a professional photographer follow me around all day, should I even bother competing for attention with people who do?

My life is so boring, how do I produce content that people want to see without seeming like I’m pretending my life is a lot cooler than it is?

How do I balance being “authentic” with being “aesthetic,” two ideas that can seem mutually exclusive?

That’s why I’m so glad to have my good friend Marybeth Wells on the show. You may remember her from our very first episode back in season 1. She talked all about how she creates boundaries around how she uses social media to make sure she’s preserving her own mental health & that it isn’t preventing her from being present with the people around her.

If you haven’t listened to that, you can go back and tune in HERE!

Today she’s back on the show to talk about how to create double-tap worthy Instagram content.

Today we discuss...

  • What it takes to have a visually appealing instagram page...

  • How to attract and repel people (in the best possible way) with the design & content on your page...

  • & How to balance being “authentic” with being “aesthetic”

Here are the highlights of today’s show:

  • [3:00] Marybeth talks about the role instagram has played in growing her business

  • [4:40] Marybeth answers the question: do you have to be or hire a professional photographer or own an expensive camera to produce quality instagram content?

  • [7:25] We discuss what it means to have a “consistent aesthetic” for your page

  • [9:22] Marybeth gives valuable tips for choosing the look, design, and feel of you page

  • [9:50] We discuss how to find the line between producing beautiful social media content and content that’s real and authentic

  • [11:50] Marybeth & I discuss how to attract your ideal customer with the content you create and the design of your page

  • [13:25] Marybeth provides 3 fast tips for how to up your instagram game and produce high quality content

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