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After spending 3 years as owner of a brick and mortar fitness facility helping entrepreneurs to take better care of their bodies, I decided to make a major pivot with my business. 


As passionate as I was (and still am) about making your health a priority, I found that entrepreneurs were spending more time asking me how to improve their businesses than their health.


I know that the "never ending hustle" mentality so common to entrepreneurial life is unsustainable. It can lead to mental health issues and broken relationships.

That’s why I help my clients to write copy that attracts their ideal clients like clockwork and design automations that free up their time.

I do this so that my clients can one day lounge on a beach with their family confident that their businesses can still generate income while they’re away.

I believe if people can do the work they love (their “secret sauce”) while freeing up time for the people they love, they’ll live happier, more fulfilled lives.

I'm so glad you're here!

How I Work


Here are 10 random facts about me!

1. When I was little I made a homemade milk carton costume for Halloween...

 and I wore it every. single. year.

2. From ages 4 to 17, I was a very serious ballerina and competitive dancer

3. At Wake Forest University, I majored in English & Art. My favorite piece of art I ever made was a chair made out of cardboard! 

4. After college I competed in CrossFit & 

Olympic Weightlifting.

5. I met my husband, Tyler, when we were both High School teachers. We were set up by one of our students!

6. Tyler & I got married on Bald Head Island in December. It was so cold that the golf cart batteries on the island kept freezing, and I almost didn't make it to the wedding!

7. After an impulse Craigslist purchase, Tyler & I became parents to the world's cutest (& most stubborn) bloodhound, Wyatt.

8. I opened up my first business, a gym called Arena Health, 10 days after I got married.

9. I read, on average, 100-125 books a year.

10. My first client as a business coach & strategist

was my friend Rachel. We've been friends since we were 4 years old! 

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